Gulf Coast Dancenter has classes for dancers of all ages from those that are very young to young at heart.  Starting with Creative Movement all the way up to Advanced Ballet which is geared towards those dancers that would like to become professional dancers or continue onto college to dance.  In addition, we offer classes for adults!  The styles of dance that we offer are ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, tap, tumbling, and hip-hop.

2020 Summer Schedule

Studio is Re-Opening June 1st!  See below for how to register and what we are doing to keep your dancer(s) safe.

We are filling up fast!  We have only offered our summer for enrollment for 1 week and these are the only spots we have left!!!

Studio Safety Protocols and Procedures for Reopening

***Reminder, Ms. Carol is still recovering and I, Mrs. Anne, am the only one running the registration, so please be patient and understanding that I am doing my best!  If you wait till the last minute, I cannot guarantee that I will see your email or be able to respond quickly.  Besides running the business, I am teaching and being a mom to an 1 year old, and as parents you know that sometimes how you plan your day doesn’t work out they way you want due to your kiddo.

  • How to Register:
    1. Parents will email the studio at to register for summer dance. Please send me your camp/intensive/workshop selections by using the red number next to title to denote which exact ones you are wanting to sign up for.
    2. This is a first come first serve basis, as we will be limiting the number of students for each workshop and intensive. Initially we will only have space for 12 dancers per workshop but will start a wait list and if long enough we will open a morning workshop to fill the need.
    3. All parents will need to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks and choice to have your child attend.
    4. If you are a new student to GCD you will also need to fill out and sign our annual registration form. No registration fee for summer.
  • Payment: An invoice will be sent to you via Square.  All evening camps require a $50 deposit to hold your spot.  All full day camps/intensives require a $100 deposit to hold your spot.  All camps, intensives, workshops must be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to the first day, if paid after the 7-day deadline a $15 administration fee will be added.  If we must cancel due to Covid-19 we will refund all payments.   ***If you have an account credit from semester payment that you did not use during the zoom classes you can apply them to the summer classes.
  • NO parents or siblings will be allowed in the studio, only dancers!
  • Parents must drop kids off no earlier than 10 mins to the start of class.
  • Students will enter through the front door
    1. Take off street shoes and leave in lobby near front door.
    2. Sanitize hands (located on counter just inside door), take off shoes first!
    3. Have temperature taken with a touchless thermometer, masks are optional for students, but staff will be wearing masks since we will be talking and addressing the students.
    4. Go straight into studio with their dance bag to a space marked with blue tape (Studio A – mark on ballet barre) (Studio B – mark on floor along wall).
    5. Must bring your own water bottle, no use of water fountain will be allowed per CDC guidelines (please put your first and last name on water bottle so no accidental use by someone else).
  • To exit:
    1. Grab belongs in studio
    2. Sanitize hands
    3. Put on shoes
    4. Exit studio through front doors
    5. Must be picked up no later than 5 mins after the end of class to allow us time to clean!
  • On the weeks that we have two workshops planned or evening camps, there is 30 mins built in between to allow time for the staff to sanitize the space which is why that all kids need to be picked up in a timely manner.

Dress Code:


Clink on the link to learn how to make a proper Ballet Bun – 

Creative Movement

  • Leotard or Dance Dress – any color
  • Pink Tights (if your child will wear them)
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather), NO sating ballet bed slippers
  • Hair Up

Combo and Pre-Ballet

  • Leotard or Dance Dress – any color
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather), NO satin ballet bed slippers
  • Hair up in Bun

*Combo Classes – also need Black Buckle Tap Shoes

Ballet 1 – Ballet 5

  • Black Leotard – should own at least 1 spaghetti strap leotard for photos
  • Pink Convertible Tights – tights must be worn under leotard and in ballet shoes, not rolled up
  • Pink Ballet Shoes – any style/brand (canvas or leather)
  • Hair in Bun secured with bobby pins and hair net…Short Hair – bangs must be secured back with a head band and in ponytail


  • White or Black Fitted Top
  • Black Bottoms – shorts or tights
  • Black Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather)

Ballet Optional:

  • Black, Colored, or Floral Ballet Skirt or Black Booty Shorts (form fitting with no writing across bottom and must be worn with tights!)
  • Ballet Pink or Black Leg Warmers


All Levels


  • Black Leotard
  • Convertible or Stirrup Tights are required – Pink, Black, or Tan
  • Shoes – see below, based on class
  • Hair in Ponytail or Bun; Bangs secured back


  • White or Black Fitted Top
  • Black Bottoms – tights, shorts, or fitness pants, NO JEANS!

Jazz Shoes:

  • Women/Girls: Tan Jazz Shoes
  • Men/Boys: Black Jazz Shoes Contemporary Shoes

Contemporary Shoes:

  • Women/Girls: Tan Lyrical Shoes (look like half a ballet slipper)
  • Men/Boys: Tan Dance Paws

Tap Shoes:

  • All – Level 1 – Pre-Pro: Black Oxford Tap Shoes with a hard toe box

Tumbling Shoes:

  • All – None, barefoot

Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Tumbling Optional:

  • Solid Black Booty Shorts, Jazz Pants, or Leggings.  NO writing across the butt, and booty shorts must be worn with tights!!!


All Levels:

  • Black and/or White – Sweat/Fitness Pants, Jazz Pants or Hip-hop specific pants.  NO JEANS!
  • Black and/or White – T-shirt, Tank Top, or Leotard
  • Hair secured in Ponytail or Bun
Hip-Hop Shoes:
  • Dance Sneakers or NEW Sneaker used for DANCE ONLY are required!  No shoes that are worn outside, for sanitary purposes and to protect flooring from damage.
Hip-Hop Optional:
  • Can wear Hats
  • Dance clothes from previous class (Leotard, tights, booty shorts, etc.)
Adult Ballet:
  • Leotard or Fitted Top
  • Tights or Leggings
  • Pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather)
  • Ballet skirt or Shorts
  • Hair must be pulled back in Ponytail or bun                                                                                  ***Instructor must be able to see body shape to give corrections and guidance.
Adult Jazz:
  • Pants or Leggings
  • Leotard or Fitted Top
  • TAN jazz shoes or you make take class barefoot
  • Hair must be pulled back in ponytail or bun




Combo & Pre-Ballet 3 – 5 yrs Is an introductory into the world of dance for the younger dancer.  The Combo class is one hour long and consists of 30 mins of ballet and 30 mins of tap.  Pre-Ballet is 45 mins of just ballet.  This level focuses on creativity, coordination, the introduction of basic steps, and the fundamental rules of classroom behavior
Ballet 1 5 – 8 yrs This is where the dancer really begins the journey of ballet.  They are introduced to fundamental barre exercises needed for the body to warm up and gain flexibility and strength.  The second half of the class consists of learning traveling steps, small jumps, body positions, and the basic skill of putting steps together.
Ballet 2 7 – 10 yrs The dancers has had 1 or more years of ballet training and is continuing to learn basic terminology and technique
Ballet 3 8 – 11 yrs The dancer has had 2 or more years of ballet training and beginning to combine steps
Ballet 4 11 and up Dancers have had a couple of years of dance and have a better understanding of the terminology and has greatly improved on their dance technique.  This is the level the dancer starts to be introduced to more difficult types of jumps and turns, expanding their list of dance steps.  Plus they are at the age to possible begin Pointe, but depends on the individual dancer’s strength.
Ballet 5 13 yrs and up Level is made up of dancers that have had multiple years of dance training and have shown a solid growth in their technique.  These dancers have been exposed to most dance steps and are in the process of trying to perfect the technique and gain tremendous strength.
Pre-Professional  13 and up Is made up of dancers who have a solid foundation in technique and terminology.  At this stage of the game many dancers are gearing up for the possibility of dancing professionally or at college.  These dancers tend to take multiple dance classes per week and are constantly working to perfect the most difficult steps in dance.  Also must meet the studio’s criteria to move into this level.
Class Criteria:Pointe– Must be taking at least 2 ballet classes in addition to the pointe class, and must have approval from instructor to take pointe class.Contemporary– Must be in a level 3 Ballet or higher and currently taking at least 1 ballet classPre-Professional– Must be able to consistently do double pirouettes on pointe, minimum of 8 fourettes on demi-pointe, right and left splits, taking a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week and a pointe class, must have solid technique, strength and superb work ethic, but the ultimate decision is left to Miss Anne. *The levels divided by age are just a guideline and the final decision on what level a student will be in is decided by the instructor.